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KitchenAid BIM objects bring passion to your kitchen project
KitchenAid BIM objects bring passion to your kitchen project
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KitchenAid BIM objects bring

passion to your kitchen project

KitchenAid create a full range of kitchen products for those who are passionate about food and expressing creativity through the pleasure of cooking. The company’s essence consists of three main ingredients: iconic design, artisan quality, and professional performance. These three aspects combine in the KitchenAid range to meet the high expectation of passionate makers.


Explore KitchenAid in the BIMobject® Cloud to discover how the company help architects and designers create the best kitchens for truly passionate makers. KitchenAid BIM objects make it easy for the BIMobject community to integrate the digital products into their drawings. Beyond BIM objects for industry standard programmes like ARCHICAD, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and Vectorworks 2017, KitchenAid also provide installation guidelines to support your design all the way to finished reality.


High quality from product to BIM object

KitchenAid take quality seriously. The company’s skilled “artisans” carefully craft and inspect each product during a Zero Hour Test and a 30' Check process to make sure it meets highest quality standards. These “artisans” combine passion and knowledge in every step of the KitchenAid appliance production – like a dish being cooked to perfection. Similarly, KitchenAid BIM objects are detailed to your preferred LOD, always accurate, and containing all the information you need to make the BIM process run smoothly.


A full kitchen range

KitchenAid offer a full range of iconic products from small and major appliancesto kitchenware. They include traditional products like ovens and refrigerators as well as sophisticated appliances inspired by the professional world, like the Chef Sign 5-in-1 Cooking Module that combines 5 cooking methods or the Chef Touch sous-vide cooking system. You can now easily access the range of KitchenAid major products in the BIMobject® Cloud.


Products that enhance your design

Inspiring creativity in the kitchen since 1919, KitchenAid have continuously sought for the combination of perfectly crafted engines and timeless design that keeps bringing forth award-winning models. The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art selected the KitchenAid Stand Mixer as an icon of American design in 1997. More recently, the KitchenAid Iconic Fridge received the iF Design Award 2018. The company’s range combines timeless, distinct, and bold elements that add both form and function to your kitchen drawings.

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