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Mosaic Marble


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Mosaic marble was created in June 1988 in Lebanon To fill gaps in the mosaic market and to fill homes with beauty and art. The marble mosaic tradition is a form of art decoration that has existed for nearly four thousand years, with origins in the Greek architecture.


The amount of time and labor expended to create these works of art are phenomenal yet the outcome presents an appealing marriage of intricate colorful patterns and images reflected in the austerity and solidity of stone.


Marble mosaics can create an extra dimension to particular spaces such as tables, pillars, hallways, pools, archways, kitchens, dining/living areas, fireplaces, receiving areas and room centers.

Other possibilities are uses as a stone carpet or wall decorations, going from ancient Roman mosaic to company logos.

Rather than machine cut, mass-produced marble tiles, our products are one of a kind, fully hand-made masterpieces, each a finely crafted statement that speaks eloquently of elegance and originality.


Since all the marble is hand cut, the flexibility to create any shape or pattern is infinite. The sizes of the individual marble pieces range between 0.25 and 1 cm.

Mosaic marble creates contemporary mosaics for gallery, architectural, community and home settings. Our mosaics are produced using the finest materials gathered from sources around the world.


Whether interpreting a clients vision or creating a unique artwork, mosaic marbles enthusiasm for the art of mosaic and pride in workmanship are evident in every finished piece.


Our main objective is to satisfy all the market recommendations at very competitive prices with extremely high quality. We provide you holding, shipping, excellent packing and rapid services with very competitive prices.

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